I was taking pictures of flowers at a local nursery, and began to see patterns in all the flowers. The patterns turned into shapes, and the shapes turned into different shades of colors, creating a kaleidoscope. As I zoomed in to see the shapes at a closer angle, I realized how much each little stamen or petal contributes to the overall appearance of the flower. No one element makes ups the whole picture. Each one builds on the backbone of the other. Together they combine to build the strength and beauty of the flower. 

When part of a team, we each play a part in making the whole picture successful. We hold up our end the picture and contribute our piece of the puzzle. We may only know what we do, and never actually see the total picture; yet without our contribution the picture is incomplete. 

Some days it seems like no one gets what we do, and on other days we are openly recognized for the contribution we make. That see saw ride can be confusing, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. The way forwrad can seem vague, yet if we quit or give up the big picture will lose our contribution and be flawed. Staying the course and giving who we are and what we can may seem useless or trivial…but the big picture needs us. The greater good needs what we bring to the kaleidoscope. The flower needs our petal to be complete. 

So bring who you are and give what you can, continue even when it doesn’t  make sense. The beauty of a simple flower need each stamen and each petal. The team you serve and belong to needs your efforts to bring the total beautiful picture to the world.