My husband loves Gerber Daisies. They are one of his favorite flowers. They mean summer and energy and beauty to him. I saw these in a local nursery and they instantly made me think of him. Isn’t it amazing how something can remind us of someone, or soemthing even if the two are nothing alike. 

Flowers make us think of people, places make us think of past adventures. Some foods remind us of special meals or celebrations. Songs remind us of glorious memories and romantic moments. Cities remind us of significant travels, and smells invade our soul reminding us of almost everything spectacular. How wonderful it is to be somewhere and see the thing that reminds you of someone or something special, and the memory ignites thoughts that make you smile. 

Savor today the ‘things’ that make you think of special people and times…life is too short to let these precious moments slip away before we acknowledge their were and presence in our lives.