Some years it seems like it takes forever for Summer to arrive. As if Summer is traveling a long and winding road to arrive at our doorstep. The weather goes up and down like a yo yo on a string, leaving everyone confused and struggling to be excited about what’s coming next. As if Summer is delayed and never going to arrive. 

Delay does not mean denial. Though things take a long time, and the road seems to wind to a fro heading towards and away from the destination, eventually the road ends and you arrive. It can be hard to know where you want to go, and the road veers in different directions that seems to do anything but get you closer to your destination. There are hills, dips, detours and side roads. There are smooth roads and rough stretches. There are beautiful, picturesque vies. There are dead ends and road blocks. All of these are part of the journey, and no matter what you know you will eventually get there. Knowing all this, do you still want to get in the car and move ahead? It can seem daunting to travel and not get where you want. It can be discouraging and frustrating, it may even seem futile. All the work and effort seems like a lot. 

Then you arrive and get out of the car to see peace and tranquility. You see clearly that it was all worth the effort, that you can go further than you imagined. The place you arrived is better than you imagined. It is more wonderful, more fun, more exciting and more challenging than you ever dreamed…but to get there you had to get in the car. You had to overcome the strange weather and road conditions. You had to ‘see’ that you would get there, even if the road seemed unclear. 

There will always be weather. No matter where you go or what you do, there will always be weather. There will always be road conditions. There will always be more than you think you can bear, yet you get there in the end. So get in the care, take an umbrella, and go.