Today I am thankful for rain. We have been in a drought for the past year, and this Spring we have had lots of rain. We are not quite caught up, but we are on our way. I am thankful that God is watering all of our greenery, plants, lawn and grape vines. I am thankful that the plants are getting bigger and the rain is making all the difference. In fact, we have had bad storms for the past couple nights and everything loved the effect. 

The alternative is to let the bad weather get you down. All the rain makes things feel soggy and dull. The grey skies endure and that makes you simply want to nap. The bad weather also prevents you from wanting to venture out. Umbrellas come out in abundance, and it is hard to keep things clean. Weather is unpredictable…no matter what the weather people of this world tell you. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, weather rimnds you that you are not in charge. I choose to be excited about what the rain brings, instead of letting it get me down. 

When it rains, I feel like nature and I are working together. We are working both ends of the planting thing…I plant it, then nature takes over and keeps things moving forward. The sun also plays it’s part, and together we all get things growing. Let’s face it, I play a very small part in all of this. I simply get to admire the work nature does once I let go. 

So today I choose to let go of the doom and gloom, grey skies and sogginess. Today I embrace the rain and am thankful for all it brings. And I look forwrad to seeing all the rain grows as the summer moves forward. C’mon rain!