We met this big piggy today at Scottsdale Nursery. He was rooting around his pen along with his faithful friends, a flock of chickens. He was rather friendly and seemed glad to see me, until he figured out that I didn’t have any food.  He walked inside the fence along the length of his pen, not noticing the chickens, just searching for something yummy to eat. He followed me for a while, only to confirm that I was empty handed. 

I enjoyed watching the animals just being animals. We saw goats, chickens, pigs, and a calm Labrador. All of them live full time at the nursery and bring the space an entirely new level of adventure.  While one parent is shopping, the other parent can take the kiddies to interact with the farm life. I had fun watching the children feed and interact with the animals. In those moments anything else I was thinking about, worried about, or pondering just disintegrated into nothingness. 

What is it about being around animals that changes our perspective? They remind us that life really is simple. It is about food, and water, running and jumping, sleeping, then eating some more. Life is about the basics, and the rest just complicates things. Animals somehow seem to be more focused on the basics of life and enjoy them when they are fulfilled. They seem grateful for each morsel, savoring it and looking forward to their next meal with delightful anticipation. Their greatest worry seems to be how ro harass the occasional passerby for something new to eat. 

This pig reminded me to enjoy the basics, savor the moment, and always speak to strangers…you never know what delightful morsel they may bring into your world.