These remnants of a meal tells a great story. They tell about time spent talking, eating, savoring the meal as well as the company. They tell about good food, so good they cleaned the plates. Companionship so welcomed that the last drop of liquid was enjoyed before leaving. These remnants tell of a special time dining out that provided the opportunity to indulge and devour and relax. They tell of fellowship and enjoyment in just being together. 

We can’t live without eating, so we spend time energy and money consuming food. We eat too much or too little and have to make that same choice again tomorrow. We rush through meals in order to get more done. Or we make the choice to enjoy a meal with ourselves, or colleagues, maybe with family, and possibly with friends. Meals happen multiple times a day, each providing the possibility of conversation and culinary delight. We may choose to eat simply or in an elaborate manner, we eat indoors or under the stars. However you choose to dine, alone or with others, there is always a story to tell. 

When I saw these plates left behind at a restaurant, I imagined the two people who enjoyed the meal and each other. They left behind empty plates, and I hoped a satisfaction that was from more than just food. I hope that today you are able to experience a meal that will satisfy every inch of your soul.