Way back when it was a Rolodex that kept all your contacts and important information. The people who got things done had a swirl of names and places that could move the world. Here someone typed all the information out to keep it neat and tidy, uniform, and easy to read. The more names in your Rolodex, the more you could get things done. 

So who do you contact to get things done? And how do you do it? Do you Google, IM, Facebook, connect via LinkedIn or simply send them a text message? What happens if they do not respond, or have their electronic connection up and ready to view? How do you contact those who are ‘off the grid’? And how do you maintain the relationship? Is it mutual or very one sided? Are the people in your contact list individuals you have actually met, or someone you have only interacted with online?

Call me old school, call me traditional, call me crazy – my best contacts are the people I actually interact with to build a relationship. I speak to them, interact with them face to face, and could reach out to them for help. I call them friends and colleagues, people I want to work with, be friends with, spend my time being around. They are people not just likes or lists, they are more than a name and address on a card or in my phone.  

Real people want real relationships. Friends are people you can call in times of trouble or strife, and no questions asked they will show up, lend you money, help you solve your problem. Friends are those who cheer when you win and hug you when you lose. Friends give of themselves and change your world simply by being themselves. These are the people worth knowing, worth being with, worth listing among your most treasured items…they enrich you no matter the time or place. These people rock your world. 

When you next look someone up in on your phone or online, think about what is your relationship with that person all about? Are they an online ‘friend’ or a real one? Could you call them at three in the morning on a stormy night, ask them to help you change your flat tire and they wouldn’t hesitate? THAT is a true relationship worth developing. Make the people in your life more than a name on a card or contact list. Take the time to cultivate a real relationship so both of your lives are improved.