Here you see my husband creating a block print from a photo he found online. He is using the photo of the cow to inspire his rough drawing, which he will then carve from a linoleum block. Once the carving is completed, he will cover the linoleum with ink and pull a print. This method of block printing has been around for hundreds of years. He enjoys creating and carving, then printing them. He is working on a series of farm animals that will be printed on vintage recipes from old cook books. 

People ask us all the time, why do you do what you do when it can be done by computer? Can’t technology replace your craft? Why carve a photo of a crow when you can print it from the internet. We usually smile and then talk about the merits of making things by hand, crafting your own art, or how these techniques have been around for generations and technology will not replacethem. An even better answer is when we show them how technology partners with handmade craft. The internet provides endless materials for ideas, collaboration, samples and selling. However it will never replace the miraculous things created by the human hand when passion and skill meet. 

The joy of creating cannot be replaced by technology. The human mind has the ability to imagine the unimaginable and then execute the idea to create amazing works of art. We use the internet and technology to run our business, serve our client base, generate ideas and sell our work. There is no fear that technology will replace us, we harness it to enhance what we do. It allows us to do what we do better, smarter, faster…which leaves more time to create and imagine. 

Creativity does not compete with technology, it partners with it well. The real challenge is letting go enough to allow yourself to be creative, no matter the medium or method you are learning. Whether it is a computer, the internet, or an electronic tool all will work better in the hand of a passionate artist willing to learn and grow their ideas and skills.