Last Christmas a dear friend gave me Calla Lily bulbs as a gift. I had never tried to grow these and had no idea what I was doing…so I planted them. This is the second year they have grown and adorned our home with beauty and life. It was one of the best gifts for many reasons. It made me try something new. It pushed me out of the box I lived in and opened the door to an entirely new past time. I thought the first year they blossomed was amazing. This second year they are three times the size and more beautiful than I had hoped. 

The gift of something to grow gave me the gift of hope. When you plant something you know basically how the process works, yet have no control. You follow the instructions and can see how it is all supposed to work. The question is will it REALLY work? Then that first shoot of green appears above ground and hope is rewarded with life. 

And this gift gave me a constant reminder that someone believes in my ability to do things. My dear friend gave me the ability to learn and become a better version of myself. I have seen that I can particpate in the cycle of life by faithfully putting something into the ground, then nature and God take over. Stepping outside yourself lets you see the bigger picture, which puts your own world into perspective. 

Thank you my friend for the Calla Lily gift and all it has provided. I can’t wait to see what they look like next year!