At my mother-in-law’s adult community, they have purchased a ‘fleet’ of golf carts for the residents. They use them now instead of driving their cars across campus.  They look fun, and hip, and give the residents an air of carefree living. I think it’s pretty cool that people of all ages are open to change no matter the reason. 

The residents could have made comments about how driving a car is easier, or their own car is what they are used to. Or maybe the golf carts would be more of a hassle to use. Even if they think that, they went ahead and acted on this new idea. Someone thought about the idea, sold the idea to the board, researched the purchase, then made the purchase. There is a process to check out the keys then drive them across campus. Enough residents want to use the carts and have some fun, so here they are.  I admire the fact that people there are willing to try new, different, and adventureous. 

How about you? When people present new ideas are you the one who thinks it is their responsiblity to present the down side, the realistic side, be the voice of reason? Are you the one who punches holes into the idea until it dies? Can you find the negative in anything, just to be sure they have heard it all? Or are you the passionate one who embraces the fun and finds a way to make it work? Are you willing to see the adventure and move ahead in excitement? Are you able to encourage people on the pathway of new until the idea gets into gear? Or maybe you sit back and wait for someone else to take a risk, share their idea to see how the group will react? Or just sit and wait until it all unfolds and you can decide which way will work? 

Someone has to present the new idea…and that idea will live or die by the way the audience reacts. It will live or die by the way the inventor protects, defends, presents the idea. Being old is no reason to stick with what you know, this community full of fun retired people takes away that excuse. Next time you feel a little stuck in your rut, think of all these retired people toooling around their area in their Hip golf carts. If they can do it, what’s your excuse?