Parking has changed a lot. These two arrived while we were eating dinner and ‘parked’ their cars. It was fun to see them ‘drive’ up and enter the restaurant. They seemed to enjoy eating with their parents. The other family arrived in a Radio Flyer wagon, ‘parked’ and enjoyed their dinner. How nice to live in a place where people value their lives and spend their choices in their own neighborhood. These families were walking from home to dinner, then back again.

So where do you spend your choices? We only have so many – how we spend our time and our money. And when we make a choice that is how we vote, with time and money. If you don’t like what the media are saying, stop watching, listening, reading. If you like what someone delivers, then back it up with support of time and money. Once you spend your time you can’t get it back. Once you spend your money, you have to earn more in order to spend again. 

I don’t know that we always pay attention to what we are choosing. We pass over our money or let things take up our time, not really realizing what we are doing. Life comes and goes and we have let it determine what we invest in, instead of thinking before we choose and choosing wisely. These families could have driven to eat dinner out, yet they chose to walk. They wanted the exercise, to enjoy the nice weather, to spend time together and to eat a nice meal. All these choices worked together to give them what they wanted. What do your choices say about you and what you value?