It’s Spring and that means planting things and seeing what happens. I have not always had good luck in keeping plants alive. When I was younger I either forgot to water them, or watered them way too much. Somewhere between drought and saturation was the norm. I usually bought plants then planted them in pots, it usually turned out well…until the water was forgottten or applied too liberally.  This year I decided to try something new, planting from seeds. It means stating from the very beginning and it takes more time. Ten days ago I planted Cat Grass for the first time. I figured our cats would enjoy eating it, I mean it isn’t called cat grass for nothing. My husband took this picture this morning. Isn’t it amazing what nature can do with time, dirt, and water. I’m excited to see that it is growing beyond my expectations. 

The challenge with growing things is you have to wait, have patience, and be consistent in your belief that things will grow even when you have no control. There is a point where nothing is happening and you want to believe something will grow, when there is no evidence. You want to have faith that nature will takes it’s course and grow what you planted, and yet there is still no evidence. So you keep watering – not too much, not too little – and hoping that something will sprout. Then suddenly the first shoot appears above ground and you can see that there is life erupting from a tiny seed. It worked and you had a hand in making it happen. 

It’s the same process as having a dream and making it come true. You have to act as if you believe that it will actually happen. You have to put plans in place and then keep moving forward with positive motion, actions, and thoughts until you see growth. You keep working and work and working, hoping that things will change…and then nothing. Success is not meant for the lucky few. Success is meant for the faithful, the persistent, those who are willing to risk when the evidence appears to the contrary. Success is rewarded to those who risk, continue to act, and believe no matter what. Things will go wrong, tragedy will strike. Set backs will come and you will be disappointed. Success arrives when you least expect it, when the work has had time to grow, and the tiniest sprout appears above ground. It worked and you had a large part in making it happen. 

Keep believing that it will happen, work as if it depends on you, plan as if you have control, and pray as if only God can make it happen. In the midst of all that amazing activity things will grow. Just think about Cat Grass…it will show up and maze you!