It was one of those Tuesdays at the airport. Too many people trying to all get to the same place, to hurry up and wait. To add to the fun a two year old was screaming for her life at the gate. I mean – WOW! – she had some lungs on her. Her older brother and Mom were doing all they could to get her to calm down and quiet down. The rest of us sitting in the area had the same thought, ‘I hope she does not sit next to me on the flight.’ This little girl had worked herself up to the point where she couldn’t calm down, she couldn’t breath, she could not stop herself from crying. It seemed beyond hope, and all of us who were future passengers were dreading the flight. It was every mother’s nightmare at the airport…crowds, cranky children, no where to hid and nothing was working. 

Then a miracle happened! The Mom opened a bag and brought out lunch…McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Calm covered the land and the passengers rejoiced! I was never so happy for fast food, and I didn’t even get to enjoy the fries. The little girl made a heavy sigh, held out her little hand, and stuck a nugget in her mouth. She was quiet and content the rest of the time. Ironically she did sit near me on the flight, and she was relatively quiet. I think her full tummy helped on that front. 

I silently thanked all the people who contributed to the making of that Chicken McNuggets. It seems like a silly thing, yet for hundreds of people it made Tuesday a better day.  That piece of processed chicken brought quiet and calm to the world, at least our little corner of the world. Thank you hard working fast food employees. Thank you Ray Kroc for inventing McDonald’s, and  thank you Mom for knowing what would work when all else had failed. 

Sometimes it is the little things in life, the things we take for granted that can make all the difference. Today it was a Chicken McNugget, tomorrow who knows what it will be…an attitude of gratitude is where it all begins.