Those ever dreaded words…we’re moving! It is exciting, unnerving, emotional, and adventurous all at the same time. You cherish the memories you have made in your current place, and leaving them behind can make you feel lonely and sad. Yet the excitement of starting in a new place, a new location, a new job with new hang outs to discover all seems like a very fun adventure. Moving is a process both emotionally and physically. Once the decision has been made and the time is set, we engage family and friends to help because only family and true friends would work that hard for lunch. We know when we are moving, who is going to hel, so now the real fun begins. 

First you have to go through all your stuff. What needs to go, what needs to be thrown away, what needs to be cleaned, and what do I not have that I will need? As soon as you pack your closet or drawers you find fourteen other things you need to transport. You always run out of boxes before you run out of items. Your wardrobe has always grown while stored in the closet, and your shoes…well there can never be enough shoes, but now you have to move them all. Between the bedroom, closets, bathrooms and kitchen you could fill an entire house and you have not even gotten to the family rooms. Stuff, stuff, who needs more stuff?

Once the stuff is packed you figure out how it is all going to get from one place to another. Rent a truck? Borrow a truck? Schlep it in your car? Make one big trip or make multiple trips? How many people do you need to help you, and can they all help you move it into the new location? As you move it all out, suddenly that cherished thing is not so cherished and your shoe collection is beginning to look a little obsessive. 

Once in the new location, you have to figure out what is going where and can you actually fit everything? It will takes weeks for you to remember where you put the can opener and the cookie sheets. You may forget how to get home, and you have to think extra hard how to go to places you go to all the time from your new location. It is an exciting change and worth every moment of effort. 

Moving is a great way to figure out who you are and what is important to you. What do you want and what do you believe in enough to stand up for it? In a new place you can be anyone you want. If you were shy before you can be bold now, no one will know that isn’t the real you. If you were rude before you can change and see the difference kindess and people skills truly make in the world. Moving allows is to clean up, clear out, stray fresh. Moving propels us into the next chapter of life. Moving is a lot of work, but that first night in your new place in your freshly made bed help you realize being an adult isn’t so bad…it is exciting, and challenging and full of adventure. So move ahead with gusto…and figure out a way to store all those shoes.