Down the drain, everything went down the drain. So much of life is beyond our control. We live as if we have it all organzied, arranged, filed, or handled…when in reality we live each day as a gift hoping to have another one tomorrow. There will be a tomorrow, will we be in it or not, none of us knows. And when tomorrow comes, what will it hold? What will we have to face that was not expected? We wake, we breathe, we eat, we work. We go through the routines of life day after day, chugging along toward the future hoping and planning for a better life. Then something hits that we did not expect and everything we planned seems to go down the drain. In one quick sweep everything we have worked towards has changed. 

I saw this bathroom drain and it hit me, everything eventually ends up down the drain. We wash our clothes and the rinse clears away the stains and dirt, and it all flows down the drain. The beautiful is left behind and the dirty water flows away. We brush our teeth or wash our hair, and the stuff we are working to wash away flows down the drain. The dishwasher cleans off the grease and grime, and sends it quickly down the drain. What if we felt this same way about the failures we carry around, reminding ourselves of how useless we have been? What if we had the courage to let all the negative tapes, thoughts, past failures or tragedies just flow down the drain? Can we let them go, or do we hold on to them because they are the only way we identify ourselves? 

I thought about the things we cherish that end up in the drain – the wedding ring that slipped off our finger, or a favorite earring that dropped in the sink by mistake. To get it back we call in the expert. We fret, and work, and do anything possible to get it back. We hold on as if life will end without this cherished thing. When it is really just a thing to remind us of times or events past. It is a loss, and life will go one without it. Is is sad and frustrating to lose, but life does go on. Most ‘things’ can be replaced. 

So things flowing down the drain can be positive and negative. The drain can help us remove the unwanted and at the same time take important and cherished things from us. If it does it’s job, the drain works hard and we never realize it. What matters is our thought process about what ends up down the drain. Most of us never think about the drain until it isn’t working properly…then we see or experience what the drain no longer accepts. It can be disgusting, but that doesn’t make the drain any less vital to our world. Someone or something has to deal with the disgusting – clear it away or clean it up – for the rest of our world to function. 

What ‘things’ in your life need to be flushed down the drain? This Easter weekend is a great time to start with a clean slate. All you have to do is hand it all over and the world can be a new, exciting place. But you have to let it go and stop trying to get it out of the drain. Stop trying to be in control of it all. Stop trying to dig it out of the drain – just let it flush away. In reality we are not in control and none of us gets out of life alive. If you let the drain do it’s job, the disgusting things are gone and you never have to see them again. You just have to realize you are not in control…flush!