It is Prom season and this hideous suit is being sold in stores as a great Prom outfit. ‘It is the ideal date outfit’ and one she will never forget. Let’s hope she knew he was going to wear this one before he showed up for pictures. 

I love capitalism, it always surprises me. Someone not only had this idea, but sold it to a seamstress for them to mass manufacture this outfit, then market it to buyers for retail stores. Now imagine you are a buyer for a top named retailer, and you see this suit…and in some mad, crazed, awful world you order enough for it to be sold nationwide. The boxes of the ‘suit’ arrive in the stores, and unsuspecting retail employees have to not only pull it out of the box, they have to dress the mannequin and steam it so it looks good. There were probably detailed instructions on how to dress, market, and sell this themed suit. At the end of this capitalistic debacle is an innocent customer who gets the jolt of the week when they see the whole thing put together. FYI – it was my husband who found it first. And there are more versions with as much hideousness, just in different colors and patterns. 

Just when you think your idea won’t make it, that no one will go for it enough to manufacture and sell it…look at this picture one more time. This is proof that ANY idea can work. It may take work and convincing…and possibly heavy drugs or great moments of weakness…but it is proof that anything can end up in a store. And holy cow for the young girl who looks back on her Prom pictures to see herself standing next to this ugly attempt at creating a memory. Imagine her Dad’s face when he sees her hunk of a date show up in this one. It boggles the mind…or maybe I have just gotten too old to appreciate the impact this ‘suit’ could have at a high school dance. 

Capitalism is a great thing, some ideas make it to market, some don’t. The consumer has the power to buy, ignore, or mock any product freely and often. Let this be a lesson to us all to never give up, never surrender. A teal and blue flamingo covered suit made it to market…who knows what we will see next.