As the days get warmer, we sometimes leave the front door open so our cats can freely move in and out of the house. Our friend Persimmon, the stray who began visiting us this time last year, has also figured out that open door. He now comes in and out of our house, rests when he wants, moves from room to room, then goes back outside. He has also figured out that when our cats come inside, they get a treat. Instead of waiting his turn, he simply gets what he wants directly from the treat jar. This is a bold move, a hungry cat move, and a little bit unconventional …yet he got what he wanted. No one got hurt, and our cats just looked on in horror still waiting to get their treats. 

In our lives we want things, we have ideas about things, and we see things that we want to change. As we grow up we learn how to play the game, work within the process, follow the rules to get where we want to go. If your life has been like mine, I have seen people who bucked that system and did things their own way. Some did it with integrity, others did it with only themselves in mind. Some have been very successful, others have failed miserably. How they went about being unconventional very much impacted how they were perceived by others. 

Like Persimmon, when you go for it you need to be bold. Which means you need to know what you want and where to find it. It also means you need to be hungry. Not just for food, but for something better. Hungry for your life to change and do what it takes to get what you want. Hungry is that little tinge or burn in your soul telling you there is a better life out there and you want your fill. It also means being unconventional and being seen as different by others. People may not understand, they may judge you or snub you for coloring outside of the lines. They may fear your passion or ideas, or stay far away because your passion only highlights their lack. Getting what you want may mean letting go of worrying about what other people think. What you want and think is what matters. 

Next time you see what oyu want – even if it is a treat – go for it.