All too often when we get home, there is a feline waiting for us. Here our older cat Gabbi sits waiting at the end of the hall, wondering when we will go near the treat jar. I know somewhere in her cat-ness she is glad we are home; I also know she simply wants more food and we are the food providers. Most days I choose the romantic view of things and believe she misses us as part of her ‘herd’. She is glad to see us and have us back safe and sound. 

I have lived alone more years in my life than I have been married. So being missed by  another living creature is a good thing. Being important to someone else – an animal, a neighbor, a family member, a friend – gives us a sense of self worth and importance. We matter to someone enough for them to miss us, they want to be with us, they want us around. It means we matter to more than just ourselves. 

It is also important to know that what you do matters. I had a headlight out on my car and needed it changed. It was a dark, rainy morning and I knew I had a dinner later and would be driving home a long distance in the dark. So I had to find someplace to change the bulb. I pulled into a local car wash/oil change place and they waved me into the bay. The young man did not know if he had the right bulb, so he asked me to wait a moment. Eventually he was able to change it, and I thanked him for being there and doing good work. He looked a little startled, then thanked me for saying that. It was important to me that he knew I was the reason he went to work on that nasty day instead of staying warm in his bed. 

Who matters to you? And when was the last time you told them? When was the last time you thanked someone for what they do, even if it is only a sample task?  Everyone needs to know they are important to someone else. Everyone needs to know that what they do matters. The worst fate on earth is to never matter to anyone else. Let the people around you know they matter.