We live in a small town, and we like. Today we were reminded why we enjoy living where we live. Benny dropped by. Actually he pulled up in his shiny, white pick up truck and starting talking to my husband. Next thing I know they were both walking over to me. I heard them say, “Gotta talk to the wife.” Long story short, Benny resurfaces ‘country’ driveways. He grades them, then uses a steam roller to level it all out. Then hot tar is poured all over the space, then covered with small gravel. He had been working on a job near us, and had leftovers. He noticed our beat up gravel drive and wondered if we would be interested in him finishing his day by resurfacing our driveway. Fifteen minutes later his crew of nine arrived and started the process. Within one hour they were done, it looked great, and we were more than satisfied with the end result. 

Interesting thing, we had never met Benny before. He is what I call a Country Entrepreneur. He is a full time pastor and does paving and grading to support his family. He drove around the areas where the other job finished looking for another job to complete, so he did not have to drive the full tar and gravel trucks back home. He found us and solved our problem. He made us a personal guarantee, if we were not satisfied with the job he would come back later in the week and make it right. 

It takes all kinds of business people to make this world work. There are conglomerates and global corporations, Main Street companies and small town business owners. There are people that run a business out of their home and people who travel across the globe running their enterprises. There are family businesses and sole proprietorships. The thing all of these businesses have in common is an idea and the work ethic to get things done. 

What makes a Contry Entrepreneur unique is that they are willing to talk to ‘neighbors’ no matter who or where to find the business. Benny was friendly, fair, funny, and made sure we understood the process and price. With a handshake and a kind word business was transacted. When the job was done, we paid him and received a hand written receipt. He has been doing this for more than twenty years. He has a crew of over twenty- only half were at our house today – and he guaranteed the work. There is a bad weather storm headed our way tomorrow, so he said if anything happened to the driveway, give him a call and he will make it right. 

Give me a Country Entrepreneur over a conglomerate any day. Their word is their bond, and if they renig someone we know knows his Momma and he would be in BIG trouble!