Spring is on it’s way, in full force, transforming our area into a botanical wonderland. Phrases like pretty in pink and blooming beauty come to mind. The flowers and trees seem to be screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!” As if to say we survived the winter and are prepared to dazzle. We have had a very strange winter, one that was more like a roller coaster ride than a season. So the fact that the plant world is ready to come back to life is a refreshing change. 

There will always be harsh seasons in life. Some years it can seem more harsh than others. Some years it may feel as if winter will never end. There is day after day of cold weather, snow piling up on the roads, and wet mittens drying on the vent. Static cling is your constant companion, and no matter how many layers you put on you never seem to get warm. Your skin is dry, the air is dry, everywhere you move it seems to be dry. Then the first sign of life appears in the pots on your window sill. Those champions of life, the perennial plants show themselves to still be alive. Their buds start peeping through the soil to remind us that nothing lasts forever. 

No matter how bleak it looks or feels, Spring will come. Flowers will bloom, trees will flower, grass will grow long and green. Life has a way of brining us reminders just when we need them most. The birds start chirping, building nets, and laying their eggs all in preparation for a wonderful Spring then Summer. 

No matter how awful your winter has been, Spring is coming. Where I live it is in full force. The bad times are always followed by something to break the edge and show relief is on its way. Nothing lasts forever, all the seasons change one right after the other. As you face the seasons in your own world, face them with joy and courage.