Yes It Is All Worth It

What an amazing feeling to have worked diligently all day doing hard labor. Then you take your shoes off and let your tired feet breathe. That moment of resting and relaxing after a job well done…pretty amazing. An even better feeling is to take a long, hot shower and then eat a good dinner. You go to bed tired and satisfied in a job well done and knowing you accomplished what you wanted to complete. 

When was the last time you did hard work – outside, inside, or both – and went to bed sore and tired? When did you celebrate a job well done as you surveyed your completed work? When did you get to see the benefits of your sweat and pain for months and years to come? Yes it is hard work. Yes it is tiring. Yes you may get a cut or bruise, be sore and probably wears. Most of all, yes it is all worth it. Give yourself the gift of hard, manual labor for a day…it is worth it. 


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