It is amazing what can be accomplished when the generations of a family get together. Here you see Grandfather and Grandson working together to sort through a wood pile. Each needs the other. Grandfather needs the strength, energy and agility of youth. Grandson needs the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of age. It is a great symbiotic relationship…even if it looks more like brute labor from the eyes of youth. 

These are those moments we forget to cherish while we are living them. We work, and move, and sweat, and move some more forgetting that spending time with the people we love while doing good work is what happiness is all about. Age will eventually catch up with all of us. It will rob and decay our physical selves, even if our mental capacities are alive and growing. Boredom shows up as well, all too often because we forget the benefits of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. Pride sometimes rears it’s obtrusive self as we think we know it all and do not need the wisdom of others. If we can simply remember that someone paved the way for our life to be better, and when given the opportunity we need to spend as much time with them as we can. Time is working against us, not with us…so don’t let it rob you of the chance to spend time doing important things with amazing people.