When you are making a choice between the known and the unknown, this is what that choice may feel like. Dark, creepy, unclear, and full of tumultuous emotions. When facing the unknown, things like fear and panic run amok. Our emotions and negative thoughts can get the better of us. We want to believe things will be better when we move towards the unknown, when we leave behind what we know. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? But it is the unknown, so how do you know the grass will be greener? How do you even know there is grass?

Moving forward in life means you are taking a risk. And some risks are bigger than others. Taking a risk always means you could win, be surprised, be left wanting, or hit pay dirt. If we risk nothing, we gain nothing…we end up with what we have always had. Nothing is new, nothing changes, nothing grows. Without change we have a whole lot of nothing!

So somewhere in this risk we have to get over the fear, stop listening to the dark voices and turn on the lights. We have to face the choice and actually make it. Move forward, change, or stay where you are…sometimes that doesn’t seem like much of a choice. Risk and change mean you have to take a hard look at where you are, and then move forward so things are different. And to progress things have to change. You can do it, simply stop listening to the dark and run towards the light!