I have a sweet tooth, I am not ashamed to admit it. That craving for sweets – candy, cookies, cakes, and maybe more candy – can prove to be a challenge. I know it is not good for me. I know sugar serves as an inflammatory. I also know that as I age it gets harder and harder to rid of the effects of sugar. I also know that things with sugar in them taste wonderful. How rotten that something so yummy is so bad for us. 

There is a sweet side to life that doesn’t leave us with cavities and weight gain. That sweet side is made up of friends, family, and those who enrich our lives. When it all comes down to the end of things, it is the people in your life that matter most. The stuff will burn, dry up, rot, or decay. It is the people that make it all matter. It is the people in our lives that make us rich beyond measure…all we have to do is cherish them. 

Sometimes I find that when I have candy around – in a jar, or bowl, or basket – and I can see it, I do not want it. It suddenly has no allure. It is when I do not have any candy around that I crave it. Isn’t it the same with people? When we have them around us all the time – family, spouses, children – we take them for granted and have little desire to spend quality time in their presence. We love them yet take them for granted. It is when they are gone, or far away that we miss them. 

Today be sure to enjoy the sweet things in life – the people you love and see all the time. They are what bring the joy to life, the happy into our hours, and the joy to our souls. Go spend some sweet time with others and cherish each and every morsel.