Do you remember the last time something happened in your life that lit you from the inside out? You reached a goal, heard good news, or you received a surprise? In an instant your smile got bigger, your energy exploded and your heart maybe even skipped a beat. The joy from that event brought life to your entire spirit and filled your pores with life. You might even have been able to feel your pulse jump and your temperature rise. What a great moment!

We can’t have only joy in life, though we might want to. We cannot only have good times or wonderful surprises. If we only had joy then we would grow tired of it and eventually not appreciate it. We all need down days, days of rest, the sorrow to appreciate the joy. We need to be tired and weary and fearful to value the benefits of being alive. We need the dark to truly experience the light. We need death the value life. 

So then why does it take a force outside of ourselves to light our soul? Wouldn’t it be better to be able to bring our own joy anytime we wanted? When we are feeling dark it would be amazing to be able to think and experience the light, to invade our soul and fill our life with joy. If we could funnel the joy we felt when we were filled from a surprise, how amazing would that be? In reality we can control it. We have friends, and family, and opportunties to share our joy, give joy, or borrow joy from others. I had one of those moments today. A dear friend called me to let me know she paid off her credit cards…how awesome is that!!! I jumped out of my seat and give her a standing ovation over the phone. I was jazzed by her good news and it filled my soul. I was energized by her success and blessed to be able to share in her joy. 

We can control the joy by giving it away. When we give our joy to others, it doesn’t mean we have less…it means we have more. Joy multiples when we give it to others. That is the beauty of joy, it brings light anf life to all it touches. So give your joy away and let it flow to those you know and love.