Early this morning Persimmon visited. He wasn’t so much hungry as he was lonely. I fed him per our usual routine, then rubbed the top of his head. He then followed me all around our house, cooing and commenting when I asked him what he wanted. When I headed back onto the front porch, he followed me again. When I sat on the sofa he jumped up and sat down beside me. He just  wanted to be with his ‘herd’. 

After I pet him he walked to the center of the porch and took a nap. He basked in the warm sunshine and slept deeply. I snapped this picture and it made me appreciate all the blessings we have as Americans. We can wander from state to state without any interference, work hard and provide for our families and the occasional stray cat. We can rest peacefully knowing that the men and women of our military are protecting us from harm. When I noticed the shadow of the flag behind Persimmon, it made me grateful for the life we lead. 

I am grateful to be able to help those in need. Persimmon may just be a stray cat, yet in our world he serves as a reminder that not everyone has all their needs met. There are people we encounter everyday that need our help. They may need a meal, or fellowship, or a warm place to sleep. For those of us blessed with enough, we need to stop being busy and help the people around us. Find out what they need and give it freely. For this stray fellow it was a scratch on the head and a warm nap. The best thing we provided today was a dry place to rest and a bowl of food, then we left him alone to simply be himself. 

As you go through your day today, find someone who simply needs a little bit of assistance. Give them a simple gift, then let them keep living their lives with dignity. Never underestimate the power of a warm nap.