When you leave in time for your appointment, you may encounter a country traffic jam in our neck of the woods. Here you see our neighbor’s cows deciding that they wanted to be on the other side of the road. There must have been a very important meeting they were required to attend for the entire herd to head that direction. My husband patiently waited as the farmer rounded them up and lead them home. 

Finding yourself in this situation could make you anxious, or angry, frustrated or cause you to fret about being late. Because when you are late – which you will be – how do you explain the herd on the road without sounding like a goober? No really, there was a herd of cows crossing the road…really! Some people may get it, others may only hear an excuse. I have stopped trying to explain to people where we live and why we choose to live there. 

Country life is not for everyone. It can be unpredictable and slow. It may seem disconnected and a little low tech. What we love about it is the quiet, the peace, the ability to walk outside in our pajamas with no one seeing us, and neighbors who would hlep you out of any jam. There is no Homeowner’s Association, no rules, no mandate on the flora and fauna you can have on your land. It is where oyu know your mailperson by her first name, where your plumber is your neighbor, and the feed store is the best place to buy your pest control supplies. Country living is a choice. It is a beautiful way to live the way you want in a world trying to get you to live like everyone else. 

We have chosen to live a slower life, a different life, a life where we are consciously making a world where people want to visit. We understand and actually enjoy watching cows cross our road. It is a tangible reminder that we have chosen this life and will never be bored with the life we live.