As part of our gallery, we sell fire pits. They are made from repurposed propane tanks, and created by a local welder. We enjoy the ones we have around our house so much that we took a risk and began selling them at our Westside Market space. Here you see a recent fire we had in our extra large one outside our Canton, Georgia location. 

I am amazed by what happens to people when they sit around a fire. They relax, they settle down, they become quiet, and they talk. Sometimes the conversations are profound, sometimes they are political. Sometimes they are about personal relationships, sometimes they include really bad jokes. Sometimes men talk about women, or women talk about men. Whatever gets talked about around the fire serves to bond the audience to each other. 

Is it primal to be drawn to fire? Is it human to want to talk to people while you relax and burn things? Maybe it is the hope that a marshmallow or two may end up getting roasted and consumed. Maybe people simply need a place to rest and leave the world behind them. Whatever the reason, people will talk about amazing things around a fire pit. Next time you have a chance, rest around the fire and let the world drift away. The fire pit conversations may not solve world hunger, or find a cure for cancer, yet they may change your world one marshmallow at a time.