Sometimes in life we stand tall and stand alone. We are the only one will stand for what is right instead of what is convenient. We are the strength others cling to in order to see the hope that future days bring. 

Sometimes in life we get knocked down. We are the one who fails and falls, faces defeat and wipes the dust of despair from our brow. We feel useless and sad and confused. We are tired from fighting the battles of life and weak from all our battle wounds. At these times is can take all we have to get back up, let alone to stand tall. Getting back up is all we can muster, so we get up one more time.

Sometimes in life we face great victory. We stand tall and basque in the sweet taste of success. Our hearts swell with pride and our ideas come to life right before our eyes. We know what it means to reach a goal, to complete a difficult journey and end in a peaceful valley of joy. 

All these moments in life are possible because of the days in between. It is the days of nothing, of routine, of the daily tasks of life that move us from one success or failure to another opportunity to shine. Today may not be a day when you stand tall, you may simply stand up one more time. Today you may do the same things you did last week, last month, or yesterday. It may feel like a nothing day, get up anyway. Today may feel like the rest of the week, get up and do your best work anyway. Let your heart stand tall even when the boring life of routine takes hold of your energy. Victory and pride are built upon consistency and character. It is teh quiet, non-descript event so life that we string together to reach the pinnacles of joy. 

So whether today is a regular day, a day to just get up one more time, or a day to live out the routines of your world…do everything you do with pride. Stand tall in who you are, who you are becoming, and who you have been. Live your life with pride knowing that today is the foundation for a better, stronger tomorrow.