Our neighbors are clearing a large portion of their land to build a new structure. As a result, there are a lot more critters in our area. Today my husband found this ‘gift’ in the living room. No matter who you are or what you are trying to express, you give what you can to those you love. In this case our cats leave us dead rodents. 

I cannot say that I understand our cats, yet I do understand this gift. They hunted it, they caught it, they carried it home – slobber and all – and found the perfect place to leave it. They didn’t eat it or gnaw on it, they simply left it for us to find. As if to say, ‘Look what I found, and I thought of you!’ It was a thoughtful gift for a cat…especially knowing that there were two other cats who could have eaten it before we found it. Our felines are nothing but amazing when they leave us dead mice. It shows us that they care about where we live, they are wokring for a living, and want to share their excitement about what they do with us. I must admit that I am a little grossed out by dead rodents, however over my lifetime I have learned as a cat owner to appreciate the gift. 

At different points in our lives we have each given all sorts of homely gifts – handmade greeting cards, vessels out of clay, or maybe a necklace made from macaroni. Those who received these ‘treasures’ appreciated the offering, even if it was the ugliest thing they had ever seen. They knew that the giver was giving of themselves, doing what they knew to do to show affection and love. In accepting the gift, we need to appreciate the mindset of the giver. They give us what they would want, not what we want. They go through great effort to produce what they think is the perfect reflection of their affection. And then with pride and joy they present it to us to show how much they care. 

So next time you want to give a gift, give what you can. Make it from the heart and do not worry about if it is ugly or not. The meaning behind your gift will come through loud and clear.