My husband and I love Macaroons. We love their size, shape, color, flavor and the fact that they are gluten free. We found a wonderful macaroon bakery in downtown Atlanta and bought at least two dozen. I think we ate them all within six hours of leaving the store. This advertisement highlights the wonderful features of a macaroon and many of the reasons to enjoy them. 

This advertisement made me think of how we brand things. When people want to ‘sell’ our wonderful features, what would people list? Would they highlight our accomplishments, our talents? Maybe they would tell people what it is like to work with us, or be on our team. Maybe they would tell stories about how we got things done or why we are reliable. Our energy, our inventiveness, our ability to see things outside of the box. All of this could be listed. We all hope that people want to ‘use’ our brand over and over again.

The other side of brands are the complaints, the stories of disappointment, the things where the product did not meet expectations. So if people had to describe the other side of our ‘brand’ what would they say? Would they tell of our temper, or our inability to meet deadlines, our harsh words or a bad attitude? Would they hesitate to recommended us to others, or would they simply stop talking when people ask? For every great feature we have, there may be a down side lurking in the dark. We all have weaknesses and blind spots. We all have areas we can improve. The challange is when those are the only things people remember about our brand. 

We all have a brand. The real question, is it the brand we want? The only way to find out about our brand is to ask people. Do you have the guts to find out about your brand? What are your best features? Are they consistent every time people interact with you? Or is there a cloud hovering over your interactions that leave people bruised and hesitant? The truth is people know all about your brand, no matter the ‘face’ or facade you try and present. People are smart. They see through the act and glimpse the real you. So what is your brand?