Locks are for honest people. We put them on doors, windows, buildings and our homes as a deterrent. Our goal is to keep the bad people out, our belongings safe, and our loved ones free from harm. Unfortunately locks only keep out honest people. If someone really wants to get in, they will find a way. They will take what does not belong to them, and they will flee as far as possible hoping not to get caught. And the lock we installed will have proven useless. 

Knowing this scenario, why do we really use locks? Is it to provide basic peace of mind? Is it to deter the honest people from messing with our world? Or maybe it is our way of taking a first step towards defending what we value? We do what we can and prepare a basic defense. We can’t control what other people will do, so we do what we can to protect ourselves. We control what we can control and sleep better with a basic peace of mind fulfilled. 

We install locks in other places as well – our heart, our ideas, our dreams. These locks may be less noticeable, but they are there and often stronger than we realize. No one else may see them, but they might feel our locks when we interact. We keep inside important things about ourselves to protect ourselves from being hurt. We lock our ideas away for fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood. We hide away our dreams so we do not risk being a fool in the eyes of others. We hesitate or do not share our emotions to protect our inner self from being rejected. No matter how you look at it, locks are locks….they keep out honest people. 

Most people are sincere in wanting to get to know us better, only some have ulterior motives with selfish intentions. Most people have great ideas and are interested in knowing ours, only some have negative tongues used to break people down. Most people have their own dreams and things they want to do in the future, only some enjoy mocking the dreams of others. So the locks we put on our own lives are meant to protect us, yet they more accurately hold us prisoner. They leave us alone and allow fear to rule our lives. They lock us in a world we have created to protect ourselves. So who is the honest person being kept out? Maybe we need to be more honest with ourselves and let go of a few of our locks.