Artists all over the globe create and sell their work. As patrons we purchase it to contribute and support the arts, decorate our living spaces, and open our souls to beauty. What makes the arts survive generation after generation are the artists teaching people how to do what they do. This dedicated wood turner is demonstrating his craft at the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta, Georgia. He carefully and cautiously gives of his skills and shares with others how he creates his beautilful work. 

It is not enough to be good at what you do. What really differentiates experts from those who are knowledgeable, is that those who teach others how to succeed keep the excellence and expertise going. They give of themselves to hungry learners and share the secrets they have learned over the years. They fill the cup for the future artists of the world to drink and be refreshed. Knowledge is power, and those who know and share are the true superheros of the art world. They not only create beauty, they bring it out in others. By teaching others we combine our strengths with theirs and propel creativity forward for yet another generation. 

Take the plunge and give of yourself. It is not enough to be good at what you do. True greatness comes when we bend down to lead another to our level. When the student no longer needs to teacher, your job is done. Until then, keep sharing what you do, keep teaching what you do, keep lighting the fires of creativity in others.