Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel every bone in your body creeking? As if your age and gravity have both caught up with you and are winning? These are the days when you realize that getting old is not for sissies. These are the days we want to sit in a comfy chair and do nothing. We’ve all had them, and felt that way, and wanted to just take a nap. If we let that feeling take over too many times, we become complacent and begin to not only feel old, we start acting old. Most of teh challenge her eis metal anguish not age, because age is no excuse. 

Here you see my Dad, Bill Moore, in his second national craft show. He will be eighty-six (86) next month. He takes away all our excuses for not doing anything because we are tired and feel old. He is a wood working artist. He may hurt, or feel bad, and his body parts may fail him…but he is still out there creating beautiful work. He gets tired and wants to stretch, his legs may hurt, and he needs a stick to help him walk…but he is still out there meeting customers and selling his work. He may want to sit and rest and as actually earned the right to do both…but he still gets into his workshop and builds amazing furniture to prepare for the show, his collectors, and his family.

There is so much more I could say here, however not many more words would get my point across as strongly as his passion for his wood artistry. He takes away all our excuse and ignites us to move towards excellence. Next time you think you are tired, think of the artists who are out there still creating. I hope to still be breathing at age eighty-six, let alone still doing shows. Age is no excuse…