When you give creative people any type of object, supply, or implement…who knows what they will build? They tap into their inner inspirations and create new and inventive things. They astound us with their imagination and amaze us with unique items we have never seen before. Somehow they take everyday items, art supplies, and elbow grease and combine it into ingenious wares. They put aside the thought process society expects and bring to life out of the box thinking. Like these children in a Lego store, creative people will do unimaginable things when given the opportunity. 

Sometimes when we are given the unknown and asked to create, we shutdown. We become so overwhelmed with possibilities that we become paralyzed with too many options. Or we become stunted in trying to figure out how to move forward along an unchartered byway. We pick up one thing then another, and actually create nothing. It can be hard to leave behind the known to jump full force into the unknown. And once we create something new, we may not know what to do with it. We stand back and do not move a muscle because we are not sure how to proceed in the land of new. New is exciting, and different, and beyond our expectations…yet it also means we can never go back to the way things were. New changes things.  New moves us and changes our direction, even if only slightly, we are forever changed. 

So what do you do when given something new? How do you react when you are asked to do something different? Do you investigate and forge ahead, putting the unknown into know categories then proceeding along developed paths? Or do you ponder before action? Do you charge ahead with building and forming making no plan or expectation? Or is it more like some combinaiton of all of that? No matter how you proceed, you will never be the same. You will learn over time how to proceed in the land of new and how to make your world better, smarter, faster, brighter, more creative. Give in to the new and enjoy the ride.