Life is a dice throw, you never know exactly what is going to happen. We have choices, options, decisions to make every day that impact our world. Things happen that are out of our control and how we react to them is what really makes the diffference. We roll the dice each day when we get out of bed and live each day not knowing exactly what is going to happen. 

We get in our cars and drive, assuming everyone will follow the law and drive safely…which we know may not always be true. We eat food we buy at stores, assuming the manufacturers or grocer have followed safe food practices…which may not always be true. We put our health in teh hands of people we see for only a few minutes believing they know best…which we know may not always be true. So much of what we do everyday is based on things that may not be true, or today they may be true…you don’t always know. 

So how do you handle all that ambiguity? How do you manage your world and the possibilities beyond your control? Are you a worry-er? Do you fret, or fear, or panic? Do you plan everything to the nth degree so you can embrace the illusion that you are in control? Control is an illusion, you know that, right? Or do you give up, fly free and let fate take control as it sees fit? I think we all have days when we do all these things. I think we all try and work within the confines of the unknown without letting the fear of it control our lives. 

And then something wonderful happens. Some unexpected idea pops into your head and as it grows and you can no longer sleep due to your own excitement. Live is full of adventures that will change our world if we let them in. We need to face these opportunities with hope and passion, knowing that what we knew will no longer exist…and that the world we can create will be better than the one we knew before. But it’s another roll of the dice when we embrace and idea and let it take hold of us. Life will never be the same, and it will be an amazing ride. 

So today let life throw the dice and embrace whatever number comes up. Let the planning and control and worry stay home, you go out and chase a fun adventure…no plannning, no control. Let the moment take you and enjoy the ride.