Downtown Canton, Georgia is working to transform itself. To do that the city needs fun, and quirky, interesting and passionate business owners. This store – Junk Drunk Jones – is a great example. They have been in business two years and are a fabulous place to shop for fun ‘junk’, clothes, and collectibles. The location was a former dry cleaner, so the store kept the old equipment. This display is a working clothes mover, and you can actually shop by turning it on and watching your options cycle around. 

There are lots of business owners in this world. Lots of places to shop and things to peruse. In a small town, someone has to choose to be different first. Someone has to break the mold, step out of the box, leave their comfort zone and be different. This retailer has done that. THeyhave made their place a fun destination and gathered great items for collectors of all kinds 

I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Being first is never easy. Being the first one to see things differently means risking, making a commitment and making it work no matter what. Blood, sweat, tears, time, money, energy and soul all add a bit to the recipe for success. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our circumstances that we forget what it was like to be excited and filled with adrenaline for an innovative idea. When we let our passion drive us, amazing things develop. Ideas come to life, dry cleaners turn into fabulous stores, main streets turn into a place to shop not just a place to pass. 

Do you have what it takes to transform your world? Do you have the courage to go first? Do you have the stamina to endure the ups and downs of making your dreams come true? Take a walk don Main Street CAnton to step into a living example of innovation and passion. Let their place ignite your ideas…