Each year Pantone selects a color of the year. They feature this in their displays to set the trend for what designers and artists select moving forward. As you can tell, ‘Greenery’ is the color for 2017. I have already seen it showing up on magazine covers and in painted doors in home renovation stores. I find it amazing that one vendor choosing a color can impact so many things with one simple choice. Several years go the color of the year was teal, and it has hung around for more than five years in decorating, fashion, jewelry and art. 

So why does one color stick and not another? Why  do some color trends last and others die a quick and sudden death? Maybe it has more to do with trends than color? I remember growing up in the  80s and the preppy look was in style. Madras plaids, turned up collars, Tretorn tennis shoes and conservative styles. Shoulder pads were in women’s clothing and men wore loafers without socks. That style lasted for a while, then grunge came into view. Plaid shirts tied around your waist with torn jeans and longer hair styles. Laid back conversations and more energetic music surrounded us for a time. Once grunge went out, the next trend set in, and honestly I can’t remember what that one was. Maybe I am getting old? Maybe I am no longer on trend in my fashion? Or maybe I figured out my own style and stopped changing every time a magazine told me what to wear next? I hope it is the latter. 

Trends are a fun way to update or change something, and yet they are trends. Which by definition means they will come and go, and be replaced by something else. Trying to keep up with trends can feel like you live in a revolving door, running around in circle trying to get ahead.  Because guess what, preppy styles are back. It’s thirty years later and madras plaid shorts and turned up collars are in all the  stores…here we go again. I have reached the age where I now see the fashion and decorating trends coming back. About every thirty years they reappear and the next generation thinks they are ‘trendy’ because they are wearing the latest thing…that is really a rerun of something from decades earlier. Wow – do I feel old. 

How I use trends now is to see what is being bought and sold, what is being influenced and what is being put aside…and I think about what I like, what I want to be, and how can I update what I do with a trend while still being true to myself, my style, an dmy goals? I have lived long enough to like what comes around, figure out how to incorporate it into what I am doing, then keep moving forward with my ideas and passions. Greenery is a beautiful color, however I do not plan to paint all my doors green. The key to using trend is to use them, not let them use you. Enjoy the ‘novelty’ and then stay true to you.