I talked to a woman who was contemplating the prospect of making a major change in her life. As we were talking, after discussing her options, she sighed in exasperation. She just wanted someone to tell her the right direction to go. She wanted a certain path to follow and to know that she was making the best decision for her future. I saw this arrow and thought about our conversation, her frustrations, and the challenge we all face when making a choice. 

We are in life where we have chosen to be. You cannot deny that the choices you have made over the years of your life have lead you to where you are right now. The place you live, the work you do, the people you love and spend time with, the way you spend your money…these are all choices we make every day. And those choices have shaped our lives, they have made us who we are today. 

As life presents us with options, we make choices. Like my friend, it would be great to know the outcome before we choose. If we knew the end result of our choices, we might choose differently. If we knew the path we would travel because of a choice, would we still go down that road? Some of our choices have led us to not so wonderful places. We ended up in a reality we were not prepared to handle. Yet we survived, we learned, we grew up. We built a foundation upon which our life currently stands. So if we had chosen a different path, would we know what we know now? Would we be who we are today? Would we be prapred for our future choices? Living in the shadow of ‘what if’ can be a dark and lonely reality. 

Life is all about choices – the ones we make, the ones we avoid, the ones we ponder and contemplate. Our choices have made us who we are…the good, the bad and the ugly. By owning our choices we substantiate the person we are and will become. Because guess what, tomorrow you will have more choices. The future will offer options, changes, dilemmas, and predicaments. There will always be days where we face the unknown hoping for the right answer. There will always be sighs of exasperation and wishes that we knew the ‘right’ answer. There will always be something else we need to decide about…always. Life is all about choices. The scary part is not knowing which way to head, the fun part is not knowing what is ahead and living the adventure. You choose each day how you are going to look at life…so choose wisely.