It has been a long day. Lots of things got done, lots of work was accomplished, lots of life was lived. The sun is reminding me that it is time to slow down and begin to prepare for rest. The shadows on my path remind me that I have done what I can do, now stop doing and just be. 

In this go, go, go world it can be hard to wind down. It can be even more difficult to turn off. It can seem impossible to separate ourselves from our to do items. As I walked this road and noticed the setting sun, I was reminded that everything stops eventually. The sun goes to sleep and passes the task to the moon. When the moon is done, it gives the day back to the sun. The leaves stop falling and hand the land over to the flowers for them to bloom. And when the flowers are done, they let the leaves take over and cover everything getting ready for Winter.  The birds of winter fly home and leave the land to the birds of Summer. Eventually the Summer birds fly away and leave the land to the Winter breeds. It is the cycle of life. 

So what makes us think that we know better, can do better, or need to be able to do it all? How arrogant of us to think we know better. Maybe we need to respect and bow to the cycle of life, and let ourselves rest and refresh in order to face another day. That means turn off and let go. If we wake up tomorrow, the earth will still be revolving around the sun. The hours of the day will still be twenty-four, and the flowers will still be working to bloom. I say if we wake up, as none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. That idea may be a source of panic, when it is meant to be a source of relief. The world will turn whether we are here or not. Everything has a time and a purpose, so let go of the panic and embrace the relief. 

If you do not do it, someone else will. And if it doesn’t get done, did it really matter in the first place? Or can it get doen another day? Life is too short to stress over to do items…and I and listening to that message myself, as well as sharing it with you. When the day comes to an end, let it end. Release the day to the night and let yourself rest and renew for another day is coming, if we are lucky.