This field of daffodils lives down the road from our house. We know Spring is on it’s way when we see this gathering of yellow on our neighbor’s land. It was amazing to be immersed in yellow, and be actually surrounded by daffodils. As I took multiple pictures, I noticed that different areas of the flowers were in different stages of life. Some had just bloomed, others had been around for a couple weeks, and still others were nearly spent. All this made me think about groups and teams I have been a part of over the years. Some have lasted a long time, others met and were spent rather quickly, others served their purpose then everyone moved on. The functions of those groups or teams was greatly dependent upon the people involved. Each member served a role or purpose to help teh group meet the goal. 

For example, I see the spent daffodils like the people in the group who got there first. The originators, the early arrivals, the idea generators. They were the ones who got things started, maybe organzied the group and brought the unique purpose or goal to everyone. They stood tall when no one else was doing anything. They stepped out on faith and took a stand, then their enthusiasm and passion brought others to the field. They gathered everyone in and encouraged them to do their thing, thus attracting and pleading the idea to more and more people. Eventually though, their time is over and they wither. They have gone first, brought life to the idea, and then their time and role has passed. They are the spent flowers of this field. 

Then there are the people in the group who are strong, blooming, and are still going. They are the workers, the doers, the backbone of so many things. Their numbers and strength grow the group, spread the message and bring life and passion to everything they touch. They are the bright blooms in the field. They are currently getting things done and attracting people to see what is happening. They are doing what they do best, doing it well, maybe not being overtly noticed as they blend in and make the group work. These flowers build the amazing size and strength 0f the group, yet may not get recognized as amazing individuals. We see them, yet can overlook their individual contributions. They make up the bulk of the group’s success, and will carry the idea for a long time to come. Theya re the strong flowers blooming in the field. 

And finally there are those who are new to the group, just joined and bring their fresh persepctive, life, and energy to the established team. They have seen the success and want to partake. They may be smaller than the others, on the edge or fill an existing gap, but they bring a renewed life to the idea. They join with passion and will eventually grow to look like all the   other members, and maybe get taller as they benefit from the knowledge of the early arrivals. This is the group most people will see near the end. They will still be blooming when the other two groups have begin to fade. Youth is on their side, yet they are more susceptible to the elements. When bad times hit, these may be the first to go. Their root structure is not as strong, so they are easily destroyed. These are the smaller, more tender flowers in the field. 

Together these types of group members make things work. Everyone has a different timing, and they contribute that to the goal. We can’t all be all things to all people, so we need to learn to leverage what people bring to the group. We need to learn to appreciate the early bloomers, recognize the long lasting bloomers, and we need to nurture the late bloomers. By allowing them each to bring their best, we get to experience the amazing big picture of this beautiful field of flowers. Eventually all the flowers will all go and Summer will turn this field to grass. And yet hope springs eternal, and we know that next Spring this field will again be covered with flowers. I am thankful for the first bloom and the last. They remind me to appreacite everyone no matter how long they have been blooming.