These work gloves have seen better days. They have built tables, cabinets, gifts, and protected talents hands. They are my Dad’s old work gloves. He will be 86 next month and he is still building furniture. Later this month he will be in his second national craft show (American Craft Council Show Atlanta). If you want to see magnificent examples of Arts & Craft from across the U.S., do not miss the show. The artists are selected each year and bring their best to the public. 

Most people who attend the show have no idea what it takes to do a show, let alone the time invested to create the work. These artisans spend time, energy, money, blood, sweat, and frustration bringing their ideas to life. They put it all on the line and then spend three days sharing it with the public. Talk about intimidating. Casual shoppers walk row after row of incredible work, gaze, ponder, engage in conversation to then move to the next booth. All the while the artists put themselves out there for everyone to see, admire, comment, and hopefully buy. They enjoy sharing their ideas and dreams come to life, what they also want is to make money. 

My Dad has new works he has created this year, and is excited to share it all. He has been working for the past six months to bring the wood in his workshop to life. They are like his children, and he dreams of the day they go to live in someone else’s home. He might not know exactly who he created each piece for, yet when they take it home he knows his pieces have found a forever place to live. Their job is to then bring stories and life to their new environment. 

The show is March 17-19, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Cobb Galleria. He will be in booth 1118. Stop by, say hello, talk to him about his work…then think about how your world would be better with his furniture in it. He can tell you all the stories of his work. All the places he and the wood have traveled to find themselves together in Booth 1118. Share in his joy and passion, and learn a thing or two about being a wood working artist. Think about the work these gloves have seen to create the masterpieces he has on sale. Be grateful for the talented people with courage who build, sew, and create their work so our world is a better place. Go enjoy a space full or hard work, and a job well done…if you dare. If you want to see the best of the best, see creativity on steriods, and learn a thing or two…if you want to be inspired, show up, walk around, and buy something  beautiful from a hard working artist.