It’s that time of night when our kitties are too hyper to sleep. They run around like their tails are on fire, attacking each other and the empty boxes that are their favorite toys. Playing with no holds barred, running and jumping until they cannot jump anymore. Sometimes furniture moves and chairs fall over. Then silence takes over the room and we find them  all scattered on furniture or blankets giving in to the call of sleep. If we give the silence a few more minutes, they all end up sleeping deeply and dreaming of scurrying mice. They get warm, snuggley, and peaceful.

I envy their ability to wind up and down. I envy their ability to find a warm place and collapse. I envy their ability to sleep for long periods of time and let the world melt into a dream. Cats sleep somewhere between 14-18 hours a day. I know professionals who work 14-18 hours a day. The difference in those two statements does not escape me. It all boils down to priorities, and know ing when to call it a day. 

Cats know that the world will be there when they wake up. Food, water and the great outdoors will be waiting when they get up, move, stretch and are ready to tackle life again. As professionals I think we think that the world will end if we do not answer all our emails, or create more presentations, or cram one more meeting into our already busy day. We act as if no one can make a move without us.As if we are the hinge pin holding everything together, ad if we relax or sleep too long everything will collapse. 

Sometimes it feels like the entire world is resting on your shoulders. As if nothing will get done unless you push, or prod, or lead the way. However reality tells us that the world will keep spinning and circling the sun…the sun will rise and the moon will wane even if you sleep an extra hour tonight. We forget to let our body and souls recharge through sleep. We forget that our health and well being is more important than one more meeting. We forget that some of our best ideas come to us when we are starting to relax or just waking up. A good sleep can cure so much, so it is time to give in to the call of sleep. Give yourself a gift and go to bed early, turn off your electronic world and give in…slowly, quietly…peacefully…sleep.