Today I worked outside cleaning up for Spring. I spent time clearing leaves, picking up fallen branches and planning what needs to go where from our greenhouse. It was a cooler day then I expected, but the sun was out and lathering the land with nutrients. I enjoyied uncovering the beautiful green from under the winter debris. There was more there that was already growing than I had expected. I had the pleasure of finding it and releasing it to grow even faster. 

As I cleared out leaves and brush from the ground, I thought about the debris we have in our own lives. It builds up over time. Slowly we lose sight of what is underneath and we only see the mess outside. We get distracted by what has piled up and forget the beauty beneath. Things like debt, clutter, junk drawers, dust, dirty floors…they begin to drag us down and slow our progress. Things like disappointment, pain, depression, anger, fear, grief…they begin to dull our senses and build walls around our soul. 

Each day we encounter people and have no idea what they have endured. We have no way to see what might cover their true beauty. They show us part of who they are, the part they want us to see. Eventually with trust and time they may reveal more, and we may begin to see the talents and skills covered by years of enduring life. Sometimes we do not see beneath the debris. Sometimes we never get to the heart of the person, we let work or busyness or our schedule take up our thoughts. We glide by and miss what is underneath. It takes effort and work to see beneath the debris, efforts we may exert in another direction. 

After my day of working outside, the area looks fabulous. It is bright and ready for rain, sun and growth. It may take a couple more weeks, but Spring will arrive and everything uncovered today will grow beautiful. By uncovering the beauty, investing the time and energy, I am the one who will reap the benefits and enjoy the beauty.