Where do ideas come from? What inspires us to think new things and ponder new ideas? What makes one person think the idea and do anything to make it happen? What makes someone else have an idea and leave it to die? What helps ideas grow? What makes them die? Why do some people have the guts to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and others simply let great ideas pass away in the daylight?

Some poeple grow up in an environment of belief and inspiration. In these homes anything is possible if you are willing to do the work. How magical it is to learn and think and grow where failure is a step along the progress, not an end result. Ideas are nurtured and fed, invested in and developed. The more ideas you have the more you think, the more you think the more ideas you have. It is a wonderful circle of creativity and in that environment anything is possible. 

Some people grow up in an environment of criticism and judgement. In these homes anything that is not practical or approved gets criticized. It is a place where new is not wanted. Where invention and different is misunderstood and feared. Where things are done the same way because they is the way it has always been done. It’s a place where ideas shrivel up and die from lack of interest. In this environment nothing much comes from ideas, and not much changes.

No matter which environment your grew up in, you still have the ability to think and dream and have great ideas. You have the choice to let your ideas live or die. You have teh choice to create a new place for your ideas to live. It may be a struggle, it may be a challenge. It may even cost you dearly for your idea to come to life. If you believe in your idea enough, you will be willing to overcome your current environment to give it life. So choose today whether or not you want your idea to live, and do anything to make that come true.