How hard it is to imagine that we were all this tiny once. This little fellow was born yesterday. He is healthy, happy and has a wonderful life ahead. Just one day old and there is so much he will encounter in his life, a life that is destined  to be amazing. For him the world is a clean slate. There is no fear, no anxiety, no troubles, no misfortune. He is dreaming of beauty, and peace, joy and love. When he awakes there will be hugs and kissses, food and more affection than he could ever imagine. He will be surrounded by family that loves him. 

What would you wish for this baby? What lessons would you want him to know about himself, his world, his potential, his future? What would you do to protect him from hardship or pain? What idea would your foster, what thoughts would you encourage? How would you teach him to dream? How would you encourage his imagination and develop his natural talents? The possibilities are endless. 

There is so much in this world that he will not understand. Why are people cruel and why do they terrorize each other? Why are some children hungry, lonely, in pain and fearful? Why do some people believe that other people do not deserve to live, learn or even grow up? Why do we judge people by their appearance instead of their goodness? What is the whole money thing about, and why is the world so obsessed with getting more of it? And if we only have so many days to live, why do we waste time on trivial things? The things that he will not understand will be endless.

So with twenty-four hours under his belt, he sleeps and dreams of things to come. His family rejoices at his arrival and rests with a renewed belief in the possibilities of the future. This little boy could find the cure for cancer. This fellow could find a way to bring about world peace. This person may find the solution to global warming, or conquer world hunger, or even invent a way to solve the energy crisis. His possibilities are endless.

Welcome to your world Luke, may your ideas come alive, never be squandered or discouraged, and may you discover in yourself the true potential that your life offers. The possibites of who you will become will be endless.