What’s on this little kitty’s mind? I wonder. He is sitting on our steps watching the activity in front of his eye. He was enjoying the warmth of an early Spring day, letting his fur get fresh air and sunshine. As I sat with him we enjoyed being quiet and being outside. 

In this world of email, texting, social media, and all the ways we can keep ourselves occupied, it can be a hard task to sit still in the quiet. Silence is a gift. Silence is a blessing. Silence is something we often ignore because there are more ‘important’ things to do. When I became comfortable with silence, my career and leadership changed. My ability to converse, listen, learn and deal with people changed. I wasn’t focused on doing, I focused on being. 

No matter what you do, there is always something more to do. No matter your business or profession or goal, there is always something more to accomplish and get done before you sleep. But life is not an endless to do list. Life is to be enjoyed and savored. Life is too short to spend your days getting things done, only to end up tied in knots and exhausted. So when I saw our kitty sitting on the front porch, I admired his example and sat down. I took a deep breath and slowly my soul felt the calm. Slowly the silence was able to invade and push away the anxiety, pressure and to do items. 

Silence is a gift, be sure to enjoy that gift today.