So much of life goes on beyond our awareness. It happens behind the scenes and without our knowledge. So many cogs, so many wheeels, so many things that must work in order for our lives to function. We invest our forward movement on things we have no control over. 

I was traveling today and realized I had no idea who was ‘driving’ the plane, who was driving the train, who was cooking my food, who was cleaning my hotel room. We rely on so many people we don’t know to do their jobs well. We assume they have done their jobs, yet we may never know. These poeple are those cogs in the wheel of our life that we depend upon, yet never know anything about. 

Then there are those who rely on us to do our part in order for their lives to work. They are the recipients of our work, and they never actually see what we do. They trust that we do our jobs well and completely, yet they may never know. Their lives will be impacted by our actions, our excellence, our reliability. So today when you are doing your work, remember that there are people out there depending upon you to do it well. You are an important cog in thier life, just like they may be the unknown cog in yours..