Stuck in rush hour traffic, I noticed the dog in the car window having the time of his life. He watched all the cars and bounced his perky little head all over the backseat of the car. He seemed to be fascinated by the movement, or lack there of, of the cars and lights. When I pulled up beside the car I rolled down my window and said hello. His ears perked up and he just focused on me, then looked at all the cars, then looked at me very intensely. I could see exactly waht he was thinking, “You people are crazy!” I had to agree with him.

We spend time sitting in our cars at a dead stop waiting for other cars to move, so we can move. We do this twice a day, five days a week. Then we complain about it all and do nothing different. In fact, we do it all over again week after week after week. Hours, weeks, months, years of our lives spent in traffic. We do this to get to and from work, when traffic alone is work enough. It is crazy, more then humans or canine can understand. 

It’s crazy because we waste time. Crazy because we do it over and over and over. Crazy because there is a better way to work, yet we continue along the same path week after week. Crazy because we know better yet do not act. Knowing is one thing, doing is another. 

As the dog passed me again, I thought about how he had the right idea. Open a window, let the wind filter through your hair, then simply enjoy the ride. No need to get stressed about any of it, eventually you will get there. Getting crazy about it is actually the crazy part…enjoy the ride. Be thankful that you have somewhere to go, something to do, and a vehicle to get you there.