You know that saying, the grass is always greener on the other side. It means when we look at other people’s lives we think it looks better than our own. We see the beautiful grass in their yard and think their entire yard looks that great. We extrapolate all the good we see to their entire existence. When we look at anything about someone else’s world, and  compare it to our own life this saying implies that we will be left wanting. 

When we compare our world to anyone else’s, we are comparing our reality to our perception of their reality. We usually compare our worst or average to their best, or what we interpret as their best. When you use that comparison method, of course the grass is always greener. Of course your world falls short by comparison. How can you feel anything but envy when you do not know the details? 

Have you ever thought that someone is looking at your world with that same sense of envy? They see the life you lead and only see the best parts, with no view into the dark, dusty, cobweb filled corners. They see the amazing parts with no hint that your entire world could be anything but rosey. They are comparing their reality to the bits and pieces they see of your fabulous existence. Your life is the green field they want and feel powerless to obtain. Their snapshot view does not give them access to the hours, days, years of hard work and sweat you have endured to get things done. No one can ever know what oyu did to get where you are, no one. Only you know the price you have paid to create your life. 

So when the grass looks greener in someone else’s world, know that you are only seeing a snippet into the real picture. The grass may be green, but that doesn’t mean it is better than what you have, it only appears that way. As we all get older we learn and know that appearances are deceiving. Be happy with the green in your own world and stop comparing yourself to anyone else.